Dienstag, 8. November 2011

It's your turn Marc

Regt euch das auch auf das es nahezu unmöglich ist als Facebook Nutzer niemals mit Facebook reden zu können wie mit deinem Mobilfunk-, Telefon- oder Internetanbieter ? Mich auch deshalb hab ich mal diese Nachricht geschickt . Bin gespannt ob da was kommt ... wohl eher nicht wie ich facebook kenne , die haben Angst vor mir ;-)

Dear Facebook, or should I say Marc ?


Let me begin by congratulating you to your genius. Your Application for Port 80 Clients has enriched the life of millions of people on this planet and helped them to connect with each other. They all became users of your socalled "facebook" application .

You help them and me to store Petabytes of personal information on servers you pay for by selling them to whoever for whatever. We all know this to be true and we dont need to be discussing this. I am convinced that you do it, but I let you cause your service is useful at times and I can stear the type of information you are able to sell about me.

[edit 2018] And because that is a problem I stopped using your application. But this is not what I wanna talk to you about right now.

you know, you provide a service to me as a customer and I pay you with marketing targetable content, that is the kind of agreement we have in my opinion.

Lately I have been growingly irritated with the quality of service of your application and also the way you started to interact with my life. For example , my account has been suspended on more then 2 occasions without warning and without explanation afterwards, leaving me unable to use a at these time crucial communication channel.

Also as you keep hanging on to this content for longer periods then I deem appropriate and declaring it your property I also grow increasingly infuriated ( especially at the part where you declare it your property(as in not deleting it )).


Now for real,


We need to talk

I would like to know with whom I can talk about establishing some sort of direct Customer Support , meaning a person with which you can talk using soundwaves if something is wrong with your account.

Plz provide me at least with an e-mail adress to start a conversation, and spare me the generic marketing message.

Don't make me come walk into your Hamburg office with my Pirate Party flag, cause I will do it and bring cameras.

If you are sitting in India, and dont know what the Pirate Party is , plz forward this to your co-workers in Hamburg .

In any case you can print this out and hang it on the fridge in the coffe room so you have somthing to laugh



PS: I'll be saving this for documentation

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